The Fun Will Last All Day!

We've got the whole alphabet at our disposal!

Most letter + tile combinations are no brainers. A few may take a hot minute to remember. Come on, if you can remember how to do the Charleston, you can TOTALLY remember this... EASY PEASY!

HOT TIP - It's also on your card. This is not a test - use your notes, Boo!

A few pointers...

This will help everyone remember some of the hard ones

H-8 ____ H is like an 8 without the tops, Hard 8 is a great BBQ Spot in Texas, H8TRS gonna Hate

L-7 ____ L turned upside down makes a 7... you're welcome

M-W ____ M turned upside down makes a W... we're blowing your mind here

O-Soap ____ It's the same shape people, let's just go with it

T-4 ____ T is like a 4 without the horizontal line through the middle, FourTy... that's all I got

U-2 ____U2 is a band, Bono anyone?

V-Flower ____ Flowers are VERY wonderful to receive, I'll take them from anyone. Literally. Anyone. Very nice to get Flowers

X-6 ____ This one, you just have to remember. Sorry. But seriously, how many words have an X? Not many

Z-5 ____ Z in a mirror is a 5. Do you see it? How about now? Keep looking, it's there