Let's begin, y'all!

MIX YO’ TILES & FACE ‘EM DOWN! Build walls. Not the emotional ones. These are 19 tiles long & 2 tiles high. DEALER – YOU’RE EAST. Roll the dice & break your wall that many stacked tiles from the right. Push all tiles to the left of the break out to the table… HERE WE GO! DEALER, 4 TILES – treat yo’self first, then each of your friends TO THE RIGHT. Tell the friend to your LEFT to push out their wall when you’re ready for more tiles. After you make the rounds 3x, take the first and third top tiles for yourself. Then give one tile to each player. Everyone needs 13 tiles & the dealer needs 14. Now, pay attention… CHARLESTON, A GREAT PLACE TO EAT, & A WAY TO GET RID OF TILES YOU DON’T WANT. Advice, go with the flow & don’t stress if you haven’t picked your line. Also, don’t ever pass a Joker, k? Pick your least favorite 3 tiles & pass them in this order 6x… R.O.L.L.O.R! Right. Over. Left. Left. Over. Right. TWO NUANCES cause we special: If you feel like you have what you need & just want The Charleston to stop (amen), you can end it after the first pass to the left. If you love your tiles & don’t want to give 3 away during the first left or last right passes, don’t look at the tiles given to you. “Blindly” give 1, 2 or all 3 to your friend. After all that, look at your friend across the table. You can exchange up to 3 tiles with them. Now, if your clothes haven’t gone out of style, let’s PLAY! DEALER – DROP THAT 14th TILE! Next up, the player to their right. OK, DETAILS. DO: If the discarded tile is not your jam, draw the next tile in the wall – keep it if you want, or call it’s name & discard it. If a tile goes down that you need & it’s not your turn, say (or yell) PAUSE! Only pick the tile up if it’s completing a Pung or larger. Expose your Pung+ when you pick up a discarded tile. Mandatory. Then play is back to your right. Touch any tile you draw to your rack QUICKLY to end the previous play. Then, your friends can’t PAUSE & grab what they might need. DON’T: Jokers cannot complete pairs, only Pungs+, & can’t be picked up once discarded. Yes, I’m serious. You can’t pick up a discarded tile to complete a pair either. Pairs are SO annoying! No fighting over discarded tiles. Preference goes first to someone declaring MAHJONG! From there, the player to the right of the discarder has dibs. Then, fair game. There are more minor details. Google ‘em.